Construction field is one of the world’s most difficult

and challenging endeavors, and big projects carry big risks. Even one mistake in any of the thousands of different tasks on a project can mean big problems and result in delays and cost overruns. With the financial stakes so high, every step of the project must be managed carefully.

Engineering Systems’s sole focus is on project management, with integrated design or contracting management services, so our clients can be confident our sole priority is delivering projects on-time and within budget. From concept to completion, our management services add value to your projects.

By Construction Professionals, for
Construction Industry

We do this by solving and simplifying complex problems to help our clients build things with peace of mind. In order to achieve this core purpose, Engineering Systems operates by a unique corporate culture defined by a specific set of core values that dictate the manner in which each member of the firm conducts themselves. All departments are aligned to achieve a common goal and further

Engineering Systems’s mission to provide excellence in construction consulting under the guidance of four principles (Integrity, Value, Dedication and Team).

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Engineering Systems is a multi-disciplined construction Project Management that provides innovative proactive and forensic services needed to deliver complex projects on time and within budget. Having advised clients on over Billions in construction,

Engineering Systems’s construction Project Management firm have extensive, hands-on experience supporting a multitude of projects worldwide. Their diverse backgrounds allow us to offer its clients a unique perspective on the issues facing construction management professionals in this rapidly evolving industry.

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Project Planning

Program Management

Estimating and Cost Management

Virtual Design and Construction

4-to-7D construction services

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This is what characterized our company “Engineering Systems” above  the traditional companies in the field of (construction Project management), in addition to the usual engineering consulting services with over twenty years of experience in construction & industrial management of huge projects at the Middle East & Africa, but also we have our own online platform zBuilder using the latest technology through all levels of the project management starting from the principal design & idea to preparation, and tendering, and finally: construction and handovers.


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