Construction is considered one of the oldest professions in history.

Early: Architect, Civil Engineer, and the consultant was one person named “constructor”. All the old enormous edifices like Pyramids was having architectural & operational designs scheme to conserve the compatibility & coordination between the facades and basis.

Over time, the science of construction project management has evolved on four levels:

Firstly, drawing with a piece of paper & pen. The designer was needed to redraw everything from scratch if there were any adjustments. Until the CAD technology  (Computer-Aided Drawing) has arrived to save money, effort and time.

Then (3D Virtual Building) an idea has invented in which 3D model constructed for the entire building before the actual building to discover, see and solve any clashes or problems before it happens on site.

It integrates all the drawings and designs in one 3d model because the construction process is carried out with the participation of many departments among the different specialties: architectural, civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing & HVAC. And between many departments like technical office, procurement, tendering and supply chain. This huge amount of information usually generate conflicts & leans between the different disciplines usually detected during installation and after pouring concrete!

According to Egan report “Rethinking Construction” to The deputy prime minister of Britain: Major construction projects lose 30% approximately raw materials, re-construction, low labor efficiency, lack of sufficient money in specific times and lack of a clear vision of the project because the parties involved in the construction process considered as isolated islands. 30% loss without using the virtual building.

To resolve all the previous problems, Building Information Modeling “BIM” technology appears which is entire system of the project not only 3d drawing, including all the Physical and engineering information for each item.

However, 3D drawing is no longer enough so 4D appears which is the (time dimension) generated from the linkage of the plan or the timetable related to BIM model of the building. Then 5D (cost) linking all the previous with the quantities of raw materials and prices from vendors

Then based on the site of the project and analysis of lighting, wind, and climate 6D concept appears (sustainability) to take green energy into consideration from the beginning of design process reliance the natural lighting and ventilation systems. Finally, 7D (Facility Management) by using the available data in the system  for predictive maintenance & operation facilities.

All above plus the process management solution produce a huge amount of overlapping data so we indeed need a new comprehensive solution.

The solution is the concept of iBIM “Integrated BIM” & IPD “Integrated project delivery” which is the integral working environment on one platform, all working at consolidated cloud system of the entire project can be reached from any internet browser so any modifications will update the entire project in the real-time for all disciplines, this is the latest technology in the Construction Project Management.