eProject System

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The planning role starts from the beginning of the project in setting a Master plan for the project for reviewing and approvals. After the final approval of the tender, a precise timetable is drawn up with details for each activity. Timelines can be placed directly on the system with the possibility to modify, add and approve resources or import from the standard planning programs such as Microsoft project – primavera and display it online to be shared , opened , reviewed , approved from any Internet browser clearly, instead of sending the Gantt chart in PDF with difficulty to read.

 Then the most important point is the possibility of linking the BIM 3D design with the plan to generate the 4D time frame, which is the process of simulating the construction steps for the construction sequence of the project and showing problems during implementation in advance.

 Then the system has another important integration layer between each activity in the plan with any BOQ item in the tender which automatically generate the needs plans of materials ,labor , resource histogram, cash flow and generate the project in the 5D. With all these integration layers, any modification in the plan or pricing or breakdown or BIM model, the system automatically updates the data in all of its dimensions at the same time.