eCostControl System

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This system is specialized for aggregating and linking all project expenses of any types between the different sites and the head offices of the company. With the ability to monitor and follow up each of the warehouses, custody, assets, equipment movements, direct and indirect expenses and maintenance expenses in its complex details and even monitoring the human resources of temporary and permanent labor expenses.


As well as monitoring and follow-up subcontractors with their contracts ,COPs, and payements. All these are included in one system to ensure that the actual, estimated and projected costs of the project are tracked based on the contractual terms and based on company cost centers.

 By updating prices based on the actual cost, the system can produce a forecast to the end of the project duration with accurately prediction of the size of the remaining work to put the full picture in the hands of the decision maker and to alarm early if the project exceed the study or budget.


 Because usually with the actual implementation of the site in projects with a huge budget and the volume of daily work distributed between different specialized bodies, the inventory and follow-up progress of the project day by day to compare the estimated and actual costs is difficult and the project manager can ask for a certain report and get it after weeks or even months! However, using the cost control module, full information is always available online and in real time.