eAsset System

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The construction companies evaluated through their fixed and movable equipment, which shall be monitored hardly to keep them ready and in good state. They can be registered on the system with their serial number, spare parts , their types of fuel  and all other needed details even with its licensed drivers/operators , technician, workshops and warehouses. With the possibility of register their maintenance schedules monthly and retroactive every request – work order.


Also the system give the time history of these maintenance on each type with easier ways to work to the user. For example, as role, if all generators must be maintained after 500 hours of operation hours, this issue can be written one line in the system and automatically the system applies the rule for All registered generators.


Plus the system provides the possibility to calculate the rental value appropriate to the calculation of the original price , depreciation , standard usage rates,….etc to calculate each the project costs from the assets usage costs.